Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cinefantastique is now online!

Thanks to John Morehead for making me aware of this. I am very excited to be able to access this excellent resource for cinema buffs and academics alike. There is a section of archived articles I am practicaly drooling over!

The classic mag for all things cinema in the realms of horror, fantasy, sci-fi and weird, now lives online here. Make sure you link to it! This magazine has published some wonderful articles over the years, including a lengthy and definitive one on The Wicker Man that can be found in its entirety here--you're welcome.

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John W. Morehead said...

Peg, I agree with you that this has been one of the best magazines for deeper reflection on the fantastic over the years. It was great to find it online a while back. Rue Morgue is probably the best one at doing this at present, but Cinefantastique still has an edge on them in my view. See the Exploring the Fantastic for links to other sources you might find of value at TheoFantastique.